Standard of Conduct, 2021


At Valparaiso Democratic Committee ("the VDC") we require that all of our members conduct themselves according to the highest standards of ethics, integrity, and behavior when dealing with our fellow constituents, clients, colleagues, and other stakeholders. This includes, but is not necessarily limited to, full compliance with all legal obligations imposed by statute or any other source of law.

This Code establishes the standards of behavior that must be met by all members. Where these standards are not met, appropriate disciplinary action will be taken. In cases where the breach involves serious misconduct, this may result in summary dismissal. In cases where a breach of the policy involves a breach of any law, then the relevant government authorities or the police may be notified.


The purpose of this policy is to make it clear what the VDC expects from members, and their requirement to be familiar with and always comply with the terms of this policy. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action, including potential termination of membership.

In so far as this policy imposes any obligations on the VDC, those obligations are not contractual and do not give rise to any contractual rights. To the extent that this policy describes benefits and entitlements for members, they are discretionary in nature and are also not intended to be contractual. 

The VDC Executive Board may unilaterally introduce, vary, remove or replace this policy at any time.


The standards expected of members include:

  • Compliance with all VDC policies, procedures, rules, regulations and contracts;
  • Compliance with all laws;
  • Compliance with all reasonable and lawful instructions given by or on behalf of the VDC;
  • To be honest and fair in dealings with fellow colleagues, citizens, clients, members, VDC management and the general public, and to treat them with courtesy and respect;
  • To be faithful and diligent, and actively pursue the VDC’s best interests at all times;
  • To work in a safe and compliant manner, and to observe all health and safety rules and responsibilities;
  • Refraining from any discriminatory, bullying or harassing behavior toward fellow constituents, citizens, clients, members, VDC management and the general public;
  • To not make any statements to the media about the VDC’s business, unless expressly authorized to do so by the VDC (requests for media statements should be referred to [email protected]);
  • To not make any statements about the VDC on social media, or any other public platform, that may harm the VDC’s reputation;
  • Immediately disclosing any potential, perceived or actual conflict of interest (whether direct or indirect) that  may give rise to a conflict with the performance of the member’s obligations to the VDC, or the VDC’s business, confidential information or reputational interests.   The VDC may direct members to take action to eliminate or reduce any such conflict, and members must comply with such directions;
  • To not engage in conduct, whether during official VDC business or personal time, that in the opinion of the VDC causes damage or potential damage to the VDC’s property or reputation;
  • Our position on substance abuse is simple: It is incompatible with the health and safety of our members, and we don’t permit it. Consumption of alcohol is not banned at our premises, but use good judgment and never drink in a way that leads to impaired performance or inappropriate behavior, endangers the safety of others, or violates the law. Illegal drugs in our premises or at sponsored events are strictly prohibited.
  • To not discriminate on the basis of personal characteristics including (but not limited to) sex, race, disability, pregnancy, age, marital status or sexual orientation;
  • To ensure and maintain punctuality; To respect the VDC’s property;
  • To dress in an appropriate manner, avoiding offensive material;
  • To not use VDC internet to access and/or download sexually explicit material or other offensive material;
  • To not use VDC email or social media platforms to send sexually explicit or suggestive material, or other offensive or harassing material;
  • To maintain both during membership and after the termination of membership with the VDC, the confidentiality of any confidential information, records or other materials acquired during the course of membership;
  • At all times, behave in a way that upholds the VDC’s core values and the integrity and good reputation of the VDC;
  • Reporting any conduct of other participations which is in breach of any of the above, or potentially in breach of any of the above, without delay.
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