Valpo Schools Covid Safety Working Group (VSCSWG) Announces Update for September: Masks Will be Mandated at VCS

After hundreds of students in quarantine and new state guidance, Valparaiso Community Schools is mandating masks according to reports from the community and as reported by the Northwest Indiana Times. Valpo Schools Covid Safety Working Group (VSCSWG) gives an update from parent Prof. Jennifer Hora.

Valparaiso Democrats received this report as written below,

"We did it!!! And what a TEAM EFFORT it was!

Valpo Schools Covid Safety Working Group had masks as the top ask for ways to make schools
safer for all our students!!! And the next school day, Tuesday, September 7, it will be the rule.

But remember friends, this is not the only covid safety protocol that our Safety Working Group
is working towards... medical professionals have a long list of things that make face to face
learning (the best kind of learning for most of us) more successful in light of a pandemic.
Testing. Information. Communication. Contract tracing .... the list goes on.

But - take the holiday weekend and celebrate! Work resumes Tuesday, friends! (Albeit, at a less
frenzied pace!)

I won't start listing people.... bc I will miss 100! Thanks, friends, old and new. This was an
AMAZING TEAM EFFORT! So many people, some out front, some behind the scenes, some
supply emotional support and beer!! I sort of became the face....but there was a WHOLE BODY
out there..... 896 petition signers, 50+ people on the working group, endless friends sending
words of support (or lending a tired, disappointed, sad ear). It is sad it took so much!! And....
they made me mad. So, if you had given me masks on Aug. 10, I probably would have written
another dozen messages to principals and supers.... but kept quite with small outburst. But
now.... me and my friends know each other exist, and it isn't too much to ask for the safety of
our kids!!!

And dont forget... it was Valpo Dems and the Leadership of the PC Nasties that put in the hard
work at the front end! They are the ones that reaches out. And woah.... They found a lot of

We will keep you posted...

Valparaiso Democratic Committee also reports from the NWI Times article, "Porter County Health Officer Dr. Maria Stamp recently issued guidance that all schools should require masks regardless of vaccination status."

The article also states, "The mask mandate will remain while the community and school data are monitored in consultation with the Porter County Health Department. The update said Stamp will change her direction accordingly as community data improves."

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