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Your Community Needs You!

Possibly the most effective way for a person to alter the local political landscape is by getting involved in a political party's precinct system. Precincts are defined political districts within cities that contribute to the electoral process. But in the simplest terms, precincts are your neighborhoods and the people who live within the boundaries are usually people you know. The Valparaiso Democratic Committee seeks to appoint Precinct Committeepersons (PCs) who will act as links between their neighborhoods and our party. In becoming a PC, you will be able to convey the wants and needs of the precinct you represent to people who are able to satisfy those desires, while at the same time championing the values of our committee to the precinct. Additionally, a PC has the opportunity to shape the Valparaiso Democratic Committee through their continued presence and voting power. 

The main jobs of a committeeperson are:

1) Identify and communicate effectively with your neighbors.
2) Register new Democratic voters and recruit volunteers.
3) Participate in Valparaiso Democratic Committee meetings and functions.
4) Find people willing to work the polls during elections. 
5) Help get Democratic candidates elected.

Learn more from the Indiana Democratic Party's handbook!

If you are unsure of which precinct you live in, please visit Porter County's precinct map of Valparaiso or Indiana's voter portal.


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