Parent and Community Stakeholder Prof. Jennifer Hora Gives VSCSWG Update

On Tuesday, August 31st, Valparaiso Community Schools (VCS) parent Prof. Jennifer Hora, Political Science and International Affairs, who is one of the leaders in the Valpo Schools COVID Safety Working Group (VSCSWG) gives her update first featured on social media.

Professor Jennifer Hora writes,
"SEP 1, 2021 —
Dear supporters,
This was emailed last night to Superintendent McCall, all Board, and all VCS principals (called my two principals yesterday, to see if I could get any questions answered... made sure they knew about the petition and my passion for the issue):
To: Superintendent McCall and all VCS Board Members
From: Valpo Schools Covid Safety Working Group
Date: August 31, 2021
Re: Covid Safety Petition
The Valpo Schools Covid Safety Working Group (VSCSWG) was created with the goal to create and enforce Covid Safety protocols for the 2021-2022 VCS school year. While I look forward to discussing more details at a date in the very near future, VSCSWG is sharing some preliminary data with relevant decision-makers as quickly as we can do so.
The petition (please see Appendix A) was launched at 4 PM, Friday, August 27, after many members of VSCSWG expressed grave concern that the majority of voices in the public comment section of the meeting, voices coming from local medical and aerosols experts, were
diminished and ignored.
The petition has been open for four (4) days. It remains petition open and continues to garner signatures (in fact, it gained over a dozen more from the time I downloaded the data on the evening of August 31, 2021). To date, as of 6 PM, Tuesday, August 31, VSCSWG presents
to you the following:
● 685 Total Signatures
● 508 Signatures from Zip Codes 46383 and 46385
● 55 Signatures from immediate surrounding communities (such as Chesterton and
Crown Pt)
Other news:
Letter requesting a meeting with 3 representatives of our group was delivered Tuesday, with request of meeting no later than Friday, Sept. 3.
I, Jennifer, have an interview with local media today. I am setting up another as I type this for later in the week.
I along w/ another member attended the PC Board of Commissioners meeting Tuesday. I spoke out of turn and was shut down. We are making requests in writing today they put their comments/positions in writing
Prof. Jennifer Hora made her statement at the Board of Commissioner's during their public meeting advocating for her children's safety, that of other students, faculty, staff, and visitors to Valparaiso Community Schools.
Valparaiso Democratic Committee concludes this report with Prof. Jennifer Hora's question, "How can the County Council not be addressing the biggest issue in Porter County right now?"


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