Our organization extends to all areas of Valparaiso, Indiana, including: Center Township, Washington Township, Morgan Township, Union Township, Jackson, Boone, and Liberty Townships.

The Valparaiso Democratic Committee is dedicated to helping the community and fighting for the middle class. We believe there are some local issues that need to be addressed immediately. 

Lower and Smarter Taxation, and Government Accountability

Our city council recently introduced a local wheel tax, which passed 4-3 along Republican party lines with the Democrats on the council voting no. The money raised by this new tax was supposed to be reciprocated by a matching fund from the state coffers. And now, the Republican-controlled General Assembly led by Valparaiso's own state representative, Ed Soliday (R), has increased gas taxes with the all-too-given promise of repairing our crumbling state infrastructure. 

Can we trust the "conservative" party to represent your pocketbook any longer? 

The Republican Party has been the party of fiscal irresponsibility in Indiana for many years, hiking taxes and then hampering local communities from receiving any benefit from the increased revenue. We will hold our elected officials accountable so this cannot continue unchecked. The money that we give away ham over fist should be spent to benefit the community, and government projects should be done with complete transparency. We are here to bring preserve and create clarity with any new tax hikes, projects, and we demand a fair bidding process. We encourage businesses to hire local workers and build with local products.   


In our local communities such as East Chicago, there is a problem materializing with the pipes that are providing drinking water. This issue has developed in mostly lower income areas. We need to discuss and address this issue so we can provide safe and healthy water for these areas. This issue must be tackled for the well-being of the other instead of kicking the can down the road which is the Indiana Republican Party's plan for the lead water crisis. By working with local groups we can help bring relief to these areas and show the Republicans that safe water is an issue that should not include politics.


Our children in the community should have the best public schools. We demand elected officials for all school boards and we will hold political education officials responsible for the education and welfare for our students. Democrats want to ensure the success of the future and this means treating our educators fairly and supporting curriculum that is beneficial to the student's academic capabilities. We need equitable pay for our teachers. There shall not be any more unfunded mandates in our schools and our government should not promote a hostile work environment for our educators. The Indiana Republicans have unfairly treated our educators and have moved public tax dollars from schools to a private voucher system. Democrats should stand up and speak out against this misdirection of money that is hurting our local schools. 

 Welcoming Community

Valparaiso has expanded quickly within the past decade. Our community has opened up to many different races, ethnicities, and religions. The Valparaiso Democrats will continue to bring a welcoming atmosphere to the city and its surrounding neighborhoods. Democrats will not tolerate or participate in any hate speech, violence, or aggression toward anyone of any race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, etc. Democrats want an environment of that embraces everyone regardless of who they are. 





  • Matt Gibson
    published this page 2017-03-20 22:26:29 -0500