Community Stakeholder Dr. Michael Mirochna Asks for Community Leaders to Step-up

Community Stakeholder Dr. Mike Mirochna says, "At this time, we need all of the leaders of our community to come forward and demand that we protect our children and this community. We’ve had nothing but deference to other people or other political bodies. Dr. Stamp has already shown that we should be following CDC guidelines."

He continues, "Community physicians, myself included, have let all the local school boards and districts know where we stand. We should expect our local leaders, elected and otherwise, to take a stand against this ugly virus and protect our kids and community. I call on our mayor, our city council, our trustees, our commissioners, to all recommend that our school board follows the scientific consensus of physicians nationally and locally immediately. We should know who is responsible for neglecting the provision of a safe learning and working environment." (Dr. Michael Mirochna, 08/29/2021).

This statement was collected in regard to his response to this article NWI Times Editorial "Time for school boards to step up for kids' health".

  • Greg Blandford
    published this page in Latest News 2021-09-01 16:15:09 -0500