In an effort to help distribute and organize the work needed to have smooth elections going forward, the Valparaiso Democrats have created a series of committees and appointed chairs. Each committee will be delegated to a certain task that will allow the Valparaiso Democrats to maximize our outreach into the community and deal with specific local issues we might face. If you're interested in any of these committees, please email [email protected] to let us know!


Municipal Elections Committee

Chair: Mary Jo Nuland

This committee will be tasked with compiling info on local interest groups, helping candidates, working on precinct by precinct action plans, and finding local businesses to engage with.


Fundraiser Committee

Chair: Susan Swarner

For 2019, the Valparaiso Democrats are planning to have two fundraisers: one prior to the April primary, and one prior to the November election. This committee will also be researching the possibility of creating a PAC to help collect donations.


Rules and Resolutions Committee

Chair: Drew Wenger

This committee will build a specific platform for our party, focused on local issues but in line with the state and national party platforms. The Rules and Regulations Committee aims to push Valpo to more to the forefront of state politics.


Rapid Response/Media Committee

Chair: Erin Labovitz

This committee will help with press releases, social media posts, and other communications the Valparaiso Democratic Committee needs to convey to the public.



Community Outreach and Engagement Committee

Chair: Lynda Krueger

This committee will be responsible for reaching out to nonprofits and other community organizations.